Build Your Wealth

MWP Financial can help you build your wealth plan according to your lifestyle and financial goals.

Protect Your Wealth

As you build your wealth, it is critical to take steps to protect your wealth. MWP are able to help with your protection strategy.

Maintain Your Wealth

MWP Financial help with your maintenance strategy to support and ensure you maintain your wealth.

Build Your Wealth

Creating wealth is a goal of most people we meet.  But wealth means vastly different things to different people.  It might be about living a comfortable lifestyle, saving for retirement or being able to help our children and grandchildren.

The important message is that building wealth takes time, patience and a well-planned long term strategy.

At MWP Financial we’ll help you build your wealth plan according to your lifestyle and financial goals, and we’ll be with you all the way to review and re-shape your plan.

Protect Your Wealth

As you build your wealth, it is critical to take steps to protect your wealth.

This protection is two-pronged.  Firstly your investment strategy needs to be in line with your comfort with risk.  This means matching your investment portfolio with your tolerance for the bumpy parts of the ride along the road to a comfortable wealth position.

Secondly, we help you protect your wealth when the unexpected events of life occur, such as sickness, injury and even premature death.  With the right protection plan in place, you will have comfort that your family will stay on the journey and meet the goals you have set together.

Your protection plan should work hand-in-hand with your estate planning needs.

Maintain and Share Your Wealth

After achieving your wealth creation goals, the key is having the right strategy and support to ensure you maintain your wealth, as you cut back on your work or head into retirement.  And for many, sharing your wealth with loved ones brings enormous pride and pleasure.  We can advise you through this phase of your life with structuring your assets to provide you with tax-free and tax-effective income and keeping your estate plan relevant to your wishes.

Investment Planning and Wealth Management

Creating and increasing wealth is one of the most common goals for our clients.  We can assist you in constructing the right investment portfolio to help you achieve your goals.

We guide you through an extensive process which examines your investment timeframes, your appetite for risk and your returns expectations.


Superannuation is a tax effective structure to save for your retirement. With mandatory employer contributions and generous tax incentives, your super can become one the largest assets an individual can own.

But super is complex and governed by constantly changing rules and laws.

We can assist you to maximise your super opportunities and make the most of this very important asset.

Wealth Protection and Insurance

A critical part of any wealth creation plan is to protect you if things go wrong.  Life is full of surprises and your plans can easily become derailed if a family member becomes sick or injured, or dies unexpectedly.

The good news is there are steps that can be taken to mitigate these risks.

We’ll guide you through a process to determine your protection needs and assist you in putting any necessary life, TPD, trauma and income protection insurance in place.

Business Succession Planning

Do you and your business partners have an agreed strategy as to what would happen in the event of a partner leaving your firm, whether that be due to retirement, illness, disability or death?

The key is to plan ahead.

We can work with you and your intended successors to devise a tailored, tax-effective plan to ensure you can take back control of your business equity. We can help you protect your business, your partners and your family from unforeseen circumstances.

No two succession plans are the same. We can work with you to build a unique succession plan that:

  • Deals with the circumstances where a partner leaves the business for any reason
  • Provides funds to enable surviving business partner/s to buy out the financial interest of the deceased business owner
  • Provides funds so that partner/s can buy out the financial interest of an owner who is unable to work due to illness or injury
  • Replaces lost business income
  • Obtains release from personal guarantees
  • Maintains credit standing of the business
  • Keeps the business viable until an appropriate buyer can be found

Retirement Planning

Each year your retirement is moving a little closer and you begin thinking about the lifestyle you would like to be leading.

It doesn’t matter whether you’d like to retire at 50, 60, 70 or later, the earlier you start planning, the better your chances are of achieving your retirement wishes.

We can help you put a comprehensive retirement plan together, and track your progress all the way.

Estate Planning

It is important to have a plan that ensures all of your assets are transferred according to your wishes and in a timely manner when you die.

Having an up-to-date Will and Powers of Attorney are components of an effective estate plan.  We can also discuss the application of testamentary trusts and advance care directives.

Debt Management

At various times of our life, debt can help us with anything from providing a prized sought after home, purchase of a business or geared investments.

But we all need a debt management plan, and having a plan to ‘pay off the house one day’ isn’t much of a plan!

By examining your current budget and expenditure in detail, we can help you formulate a plan to accelerate your debt reduction.  Reducing debt is a critical goal as we move closer to retirement and by extinguishing your debt, your ability to do all the things you want to do, increases accordingly.